Falcon 1808 Drone

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  • Flight Time About 30 mins
  • Dual 4K/1080 Camera
  • 1850 Mah Battary
  • GPS/One key Retan

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50 in stock

1808 Falcon 4K WiFi Drone

The 1808 Falcon is a foldable drone

that comes with a decent camera )and some nice features.

These include features like follow me mode, one-button takeoff/landing and altitude hold and several speed modes.

It’s easy to operate and is suitable for everyone, this is a good drone for first-time flyers as it is very cheap and fun to fly. It has a flight time of around 30 minutes

and a transmission range of 800 meters.


Hi and welcome to my review of the 1808 Falcon drone, this is  foldable drone that comes with some nice features and is suitable for most people.

I am constantly surprised by the sheer range of drones that are on the market now, there are so many good drones for beginners, many of which come with some pretty advanced features.

The best part about this huge range of choice we have is that many of these drones are very cheap.

This includes the 1808 Falcon drone, this is an inexpensive drone that is suitable for beginners and as you shall see from this review, it’s fun to fly.

I should mention that in the product page it says the drone is a 4K drone,

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Item Name: Folding flight beat RC Drone Quadcopter
Item NO.: 1808
Camera: Dual 4K/1080P
Lens: 120°Wide-angle
Gy-ro: 6 A-xis
Product Size: 11×9.5x5cm(fold)  28x23x5cm (unfold and with a guard frame)
Propeller Diameter: 11cm
Package Size: 25 x 19 x 7cm
Flying Weight:120g
Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Drone Battery: 3.7V 1 1800
Transmitter battery: 3 x 1.5V”AA” battery
Flight Time: About 30 mins
Charging Time: About 80 minutes
Image transmission distance: About 35m
Transmission Distance: About 80m
Flight Ranges: About 800M
Color: Black/White
Material: plastic/metai/electronic/components

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  1. Anna Kowalsky

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    Anna Kowalsky

  2. John Doe

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    John Doe

  3. Peter Wargner

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    Peter Wargner

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